Leadership Development

We build youth leaders’ ability in leading peers and their teams/organization through strong values and leading by example. Value-based trainings allow youth leaders to examine their inner voices and conversations, and shift them to have responsible perspectives/ paradigm. In addition, key knowledge and leadership skillsets also be imparted to support them to perform their leadership roles.

“Leadership is the art of influencing and mobilizing others towards shared aspirations.”
– James Kouzes and Barry Posner

Character Development

Character Development focuses on building the right values and perspective/paradigm of youth, raising their self-awareness and equipping them with self-management skills.

Helping the youth to develop their personal and social attitudes, as well as competencies, empower them to lead themselves to become active contributors and an effective person.

Adventure Learning

Adventure Learning focuses on developing youth’s competencies in interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships using “Adventure” as a Theme. This includes using activities and games to evoke and deepen learning. Self-awareness, social awareness, decision making, communication and teamwork are some of the values and skills that are important emphasis in this programme.

When facing a seemingly difficult task, students will become aware of their own self paradigms and its effect on others. Learning is in the Doing. Adventure Learning allows students to acquire more understanding about themselves and thus allowing them to relate better to others.

Service Learning

Service learning is an effective pedagogy where learning and teaching of “real issues in the world” can take place. It connects our youths to the community, and encourages them to build their social emotional skills.

We provide support in setting up a process where goals are intentionally set, plans are made for proper execution and making sure reflection happens throughout the whole journey. It also allows channeling of students knowledge, talent and expertise to make a difference in the community and globally.