YEP Leadership Training Course (YEP – LTC)

YEP Leadership Training Course (YEP – LTC)

Youth Expedition Project (A Service – Learning Programme by Youth Corps Singapore)

Youth Expedition Project (YEP) is a Service-Learning programme by Youth Corps Singapore for youths, involving communities in Asia with a focus on the ASEAN region, China and India.

YEP aims to nurture confident and resilient youths who are active citizens with the desire to make a difference both at home and overseas. YEP is also a grant which supports youths from educational institutions and registered organisations to embark on YEP.

There are three key phases for every YEP, i.e. Preparation, Overseas Project and Local Project:

  • Preparation project to learn more about social issues in Singapore and overseas host community;
  • Overseas Project with a duration of at least 10 service-learning days (i.e. 10 calendar days to be spent on service-learning activities) to be conducted in a country in Asia, with a primary focus on the ASEAN countries, China or India; and
  • Local Project that meets a local community need, with linkage to the Overseas Project to be conducted in Singapore within 3 months upon return.

All the above information is referenced from Youth Corps Singapore. Etch Empathy is an endorsing organisation for YEP, which means we prepare youths to be project leaders and support YOUth in your YEP Journey.

YEP Leadership Training Course (YEP – LTC)

The YCS-YEP Leaders Training Course (LTC) is a 4-day specialised course designed to prepare and equip YEP Leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to design, lead and implement Youth Expedition Projects.

This YEP-LTC is brought to you by lead and associate trainers from Aspen3 and Etch Empathy. ETCH Empathy is a non profit organisation that believes in cultivating empathy for the eradication of poverty. Etch Empathy involved in community development work particular in the low-income and visually impairment sector both locally and in the ASEAN region. We worked closely with ETCH Empathy in co-creating a deeply enriching and highly engaging programme for you.

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