JEM is designed and customised based on an experiential and self-discovery approach to learn and explore a way of life that is joyful, exciting and moving.

The processes are made easy as participants self-discovered through participation in activities and learning comes naturally. The bed rock of is inspired by Principles from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

JOY is more than happiness flowing.
When one is free from worrying about the past or future or judgments, JOY arises from within as one enjoys freedom, peace and being true to self.

EXCITEMENT is passion flowing.
When one is curious or understanding or embracing imperfection, EXCITEMENT is transformed from fear thus allowing one to be resilient and explore possibilities.

MOVING is overflowing results of being joyful and exciting.
When one is taking actions to make things happen, the self-confidence and continuous growth MOVEs oneself.
When one is choosing to focus on things one have control or influence over, the respect from and synergy with others create achievements which MOVEs everyone.

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Basic Facilitator Training (BFT)