BIM – Best In Me

BIM – Best In Me

The aim of the BIM is to create opportunities for you to explore and expand your personal capacity in thinking, feeling, and doing. It is also for you to look within yourself with a calm & alert awareness and uncover new possibilities or clearer directions towards what is important in your own life. This is supported by the better understanding of your personality styles, worldview, underlying motivation, resource available, and possible growth path. You will also have the opportunity to explore deeper level of patterns that are generating the results that you are having currently in all the important areas of your life. The programme itself is not meant to motivate you, however, you will have the opportunity to find your own motivation and desire to grow. Coupled with the tools that you learnt, you can continue the journey of growth on your own.

Throughout the programme, there will be no one right answer that applies to all as everyone is a unique human being and the experiences will be different. Interpersonal interaction is evident in the programme as opportunities for you to learn from others or for you to inspire others.

Next BIM is scheduled to be on:
16, 17, 23, 24 Nov 2019

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