Leadership Capacity

Expanding Leadership Capacity

We believe there are two drivers in leadership.

One is the inner workings that is driving the leader. This is the personality of the leader. The second driver is the External Quest that is driving the organization objectives, results and priorities, implementing changes, leading teams, and accomplishing business goals.

Managing and balancing both of these drivers – the Inner Workings and the External Quest – will produce sustainable, lasting leadership change.

In supporting today’s leaders in expanding their capacity to lead, Aspen3 has the following workshops, ranging from 4-hour to 2 full days or longer, for executives and leaders from various private entities and public organizations.



Disc System:
DISC is a behavioral profiling tool.
Allows leaders to become aware of self through observable behaviours
This tool is simple and useful.
Online or paper/pen format.

Enneagram Personality System:
A powerful psychometric tool.
Highlight a leader’s personality preferences: conducive and stressed states of mind.
Create awareness of one’s thinking, feeling and behavioral patterns.
Online survey, followed by guided discovery (or coaching).

Team Development

Team Development works on the challenges or real issues that a team may be facing at the workplace. This is unlike the conventional team building activity that focuses more on bonding and strengthening of team spirit.

The programme duration ranges from 2 to 3 days.

Through simulation and relatable activities, the programme provides opportunities for deeper exploration into current or future challenges as well as discovering the strengths and weakness of the team. With consensus on possible gaps, the team will have the opportunity to explore collaborative and synergistic approach to ride the challenges together. The programme strives to create a highly effective performing team.

Team Building

Aspen3 uses various platforms (local or overseas), including Adventure Rope Course, Kayaking, Rafting, and fun indoor or outdoor games/activities to deliver meaningful & fun team building experiences.

Many of our team building programmes were highly rated by our corporate clients. Size of the training ranges from 20 pax to 300 pax, and duration from 3-hour to 3 days.

Experiential Learning

“Learning is in the doing” is one of our training philosophies. These workshops are normally customized to meet our client's training needs, including appreciation of organization's core values, handling change, experiencing creative conflict etc.

The workshop duration ranges from half-day to full day.